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Little Ballers Rules and Regulations            



  • Skill clinic and game schedules will be sent out 1 week before the start of season with court designation.
  • Each Little Ballers season consists of 6 clinics and games for 6 weeks.
  • Each week’s skill clinic and game will be 60 minutes in length consisting of a 30 minute skill clinic and a 30 minute game.
  • The gym will be divided into 4 baskets with one team on each basket.
  • Colorado Premier Basketball Club staff will lead a group warm up before the start of skill sessions.
  • Colorado Premier Basketball Club staff will demonstrate the skills to be taught and will let the team coaches run the skill station for their team. There will be a total of 3 (8 minute) skill stations each week. Once a skill station is complete the league coordinator and league staff will demonstrate the next skill station. 
  • Each team will warm up, run all skills stations and play their games on their designated court.
  • At the end of each 30 minute skill session the coaches will be in charge of starting and running the 3 on 3 game. The league coordinator and league staff will be around to assist coaches if needed.



  • Each player must wear a Little Ballers reversible jersey in all games.  These will be provided at the first game of each session.
  • Black athletic shorts should be worn.
  • Non-marking athletic shoes should be worn.
  • No player will be allowed to wear a guard, cast, hard brace or other potentially dangerous equipment on his or her elbow, hand, wrist, finger or forearm, including equipment made of hard leather, plastic plaster or metal - even if the equipment is covered with soft padding. Soft braces, sleeves and wraps will be allowed unless they pose a danger to other players. In addition, jewelry, hair bands and clips will not be allowed.




Number of Players:

  • Each team consists of a maximum of 7 players and a minimum of 4 players.
  • If a team does not have 3 players at the start of the game the opposing team may loan players to the team.
  • All players must play at least 50% of time in games.

Game Time:

  • Each game will consist of 2 - 10 minute halves.
  • At the end of the first half there will be a 2 minute water break.

Score Keeping:

  • The Little Ballers League is a development league. No score will be kept during these games.


  • Each team is allowed a single one minute time-out per game. The clock will stop running during a time-out.

Start of Game:

  • The game will start with a jump ball.


  • Each of the teams coaches will officiate games and be on the court during the game with the players to assist with the flow of the game.
  • No record of fouls will be kept, but fouls will be called by the coaches.
  • Shooting fouls will result in one free throw being shot.  
  • Non-shooting fouls will result in the ball being inbounded from the sideline.

Change of Possession:

  • The ball will change possessions after a scored basket.
  • The ball will change possessions once a turnover occurs.

Ball Out-of-Bounds:

  • Any out-of-bounds will be taken out from the backcourt line.

Stealing the Ball:

  • Players in all age categories may steal the ball when it is being passed.
  • There is a no-steal rule when players are either dribbling or holding the ball.
  • No full court pressing is allowed.



  • Coaches will be held responsible for the proper care of the facilities we use.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the gyms at any time. Water may be used in a non-breakable container.
  • No tobacco products are allowed anywhere in the buildings.
  • An adult must escort all children whenever they leave the gym area, no exceptions.
  • Siblings of players may come and watch, but must be under direct adult supervision at all times. They will not be permitted to enter any areas in the schools or facilities other than the gym.
  • Basketballs are to be used only in the gym, no dribbling or passing in the halls.